Wheel bearrings

With the right tools, replacing the wheel bearing is easy to do yourself, the costs of replacing the bearing are not too bad. Search our range for the right wheel bearing for your scooter so that you can get back on the road safely.

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Frontwheel bearring  SKF 6201-2RSH
Frontwheel bearring SKF 6201-2RSH More
Frontwheel bearring SKF 6201-2RSH
€6,95 €5,74
Bearring SFK 6202 c3 15x35x11
Bearring SFK 6202 c3 15x35x11 More
Bearring SFK 6202 c3 15x35x11
€4,78 €3,95
Rear axle bearring GY6 6004-2RS
Rear axle bearring GY6 6004-2RS More
Rear axle bearring GY6 6004-2RS
€2,95 €2,44
Bearring SKF 6202-2RSH
Bearring SKF 6202-2RSH
15x35x11 2 RSH
Bearring SKF 6202-2RSH
15x35x11 2 RSH
€8,45 €6,98
Frontwheel bearring  6201
Frontwheel bearring 6201 More
Frontwheel bearring 6201
€3,49 €2,88
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Wheel bearrings

Replacing the wheel bearing of your scooter

It is important for your own safety and for your fellow road users that the wheel bearings of your vehicle are in order. Due to a broken bearing you may not be able to steer properly. Various bearings for rso, agm, btc, la souris and piaggio scooters are available from stock in our online shop. The bearing numbers are listed so that you can easily make the right choice, the costs for replacing a wheel bearing are not too bad.

When you are going to replace the bearing, put it in the freezer for a few hours beforehand so that the wheel bearing shrinks a bit and you can place it more easily. Not all the tools are in-house, take a look at our range!

Buy wheel bearing scooter

If you are tinkering with your scooter, you naturally want to replace much more than just the wheel bearing. Perhaps, just like the bearing, the scooter tires need to be replaced. In addition to a wheel bearing, we have many more accessories and scooter parts for you that you can easily order online. If you order before 10:00, you will receive your order the next day!

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